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Contains yaoi ( boy x boy )

SasuNaru: Chapter 9

Last time:

He arrived, grinning, Sasuke smiling in return, before placing the silver key in his boyfriends hand. Sasuke stared at him, about to say something before Naruto interrupted him, stepping into their home, before closing the door, he turned and said:

"I want you to open the door with that key, come in, and tell me you're home." Before shutting the door behind him.

Sasuke smiled, heart just about beating out of his chest.

He slit the key in, on some level scared it wouldn't open, fear aside when it did, and he walked in, seeing Naruto crying, smiling so big it seemed like he had slept with a coat hanger in his mouth. Sasuke felt at that moment his legs would collapse, whispering out:

"I'm home."


Sasuke thought he was dead. He really was sure he had died and gone to heaven. His head was floating in the clouds every day, all thoughts fading away whenever he looked, glanced over at his fiancé. Naruto was his life now, probably always was, he thought.

He was in love.

He never thought he would have the opportunity to find the one thing everyone wants in the world.

He considered himself lucky, if not head over heels in bliss just at the thought of marrying Naruto.

And the best thing was he knew Naruto felt the same. They loved each other; they cared for each other, Sasuke sometimes thinking him more than Naruto, but in every relationship one person has to love the other more, even just a single microscopic spec more.

He found himself thinking about Naruto every moment of his life. He didn't know if that was healthy, if that always happened when you fall in love. But he could flow with it. He never wanted to stop thinking about the blonde haired, blue eyed god of his.

He joked he could probably start up a series of novels, each one talking about a single part of Naruto, his eyes, beauty, amiability, strength, his heart… he could write a 1000 pages about his giving heart.

He stopped his thoughts before he might pursue this idea, smiling.


Chopping vegetables was never Naruto's area of expertise, each new cut harder and flimsier then the last, the food going all out of proportion.

He could honestly say he didn't really know what he was doing, but he wanted to, for Sasuke. God, he still couldn't believe it, Sasuke was living here, in his house, they were getting married.

Every time he thought of the raven, fears still flooded through him like storm, that this world wasn't it, real.

He so badly wanted to believe it, he had to, he already was. Sasuke loved him, had made an undeviating part in his life. God, the way he made him feel, like his heart was being hit by a train relentlessly, making it hard to breathe.

He didn't know a person could make you feel like this. He always thought this was only present in movies, songs, poems, but he had it. He had found his other half.

Continuing chopping, he sneezed, looking around to see if there was an open window as the culprit. Instead it was the back door, remembering it was Sasuke last out there, too bothered to close it all the way when sprinting inside to suck Naruto's face off.

He walked over to it, about to shut it, stopping when he looked out at the city, the dim street lights glowing faintly in the distance. He looked out at the hills, distant mountains, clouds absent in the clear night sky, the moon an incredible bright white.

He remembered all the quotes, sayings, about appreciating all the little things. Well, they were right, the world was beautiful. He smiled, grinned, began to laugh, degrading a bit when he heard the quiet creak of the apartment door opening.

Sasuke came up behind him, wrapping an arm around his lover, "You better not be laughing about me,"

"Only when I'm talking about you to Sakura," Naruto giggled, lacing his fingers through Sasukes.

Sasuke smiled, enjoying the way Naruto felt near him, never wanting to be anywhere else.


"I'm glad you decided to come along tonight Sasuke," Kakashi smiled.

Sasuke nodded, looking up at him, "Of course, better then Naruto's current situation," he snorted, laughing.

"I know, poor bastard, he never saw it coming," Kiba smirked, shoving his hands in his jean pockets.

It was Sasuke's bachelor party. Naruto had somehow been voted as the 'woman' in their relationship, and had gotten stuck with all the kunoichi's tonight. Sasuke had laughed the moment the girls ran inside and started planning the night out, Sasuke hearing the words 'make over' before leaving the apartment, giving Naruto a smirk.

Kakashi had met him outside, smiling at him until he reached his gate. Sasuke asked who else was coming, implying he didn't really need a huge party, was even more content to just stay home at watch his fiance get tortured, if that's what you wanna call it.

But upon then hearing a loud cry of 'Dear God, NO!' from his floor, he quickly changed his mind and suggested they move, fast.

They had met up with Neji and Iruka at a local club. Sasuke had said he didn't feel like seeing strippers dance around the room all night, trying to be seductive Sasuke's way. Sasuke just wanted peace and quiet.

"Man, aren't you the life of the party?" Kiba had laughed, punching him in the arm. "This is your last night of freedom you know?"

Sasuke just stared at his feet, "Yeah, but Naruto didn't get a night out, so, didn't think it would be fair,"

"How considerate of you Sasuke," Iruka smiled, obviously thinking about the nightmare Naruto must be in right now.

"So, have you thought about where you two are gonna get married?" Neji asked, "You could get married where Kiba and I did, you saw it after all."

Sasuke nodded, remembering the beautiful setting of their friends wedding. It really was lovely. But he always thought he and Naruto should just get married where they just felt comfortable, a special place of their own. To his disappointment he honestly couldn't think of one.

He sighed, twiddling his thumbs together in an orderly fashion, "I really don't know,"


"Naruto, come on, please let us see you," Ino giggled, camera ready in her hands.

"No! For the last time no! Why the hell did I get stuck here with a bunch of girls ready with their hair gadgets and make-up compartments of-fucking-doom?!" Naruto yelled from inside his bathroom.

"Because this has always been a hidden fantasy of yours, admit it, you're having fun!" Sakura teased, sighing ever-so-dramatically.

Naruto didn't know what the hell they thought they were playing at. He was in complete and utter hell. Beyond any nightmare he'd ever had in his lifetime, was so tempted to jump out his bathroom window right at that moment. God, he was going to beat the living crap out of Sasuke when he got home from his 'manly' night out.

"Please don't make me go out there…" Naruto had suffered this torture for two hours already; he could seriously feel his dick growing smaller each second.

Hinata stepped in front of the squealing girls, giving them a quick 'I'll just check on him,' before slipping into the bathroom, her handbag swaying at her hip.

"Sakura, for the last time, I'm not putting make-up on-" he cut himself off at the sight of Hinata. "Hey Hinata, why are you here – wait, Sakura didn't put you up for this did she, because you're the nice one and I can't say no to the nice girl?"

Hinata looked shocked, almost offended Naruto would think that, "No, no, I just-I wanted to…" she sighed, walked over to him and shoved her hand bag at his chest, "I wanted you to have this."

Naruto was more or less a bit puzzled. He gingerly took the bag, having no clue as to what was inside it, a girly wig with plastic flowers stuck on it, perhaps?

But no, it was his clothes.

Naruto looked at Hinata, a questioning look on his face, "My clothes, are you, am I allowed to leave? Please say I can leave,"

Hinata giggled, "Well, I just couldn't stand to see you go through hell any more, I kept telling them you wouldn't like what they had installed for you tonight, but like girls, they just ignored me." She shifted a bit, eyes darting to her feet.

"So? I can't go?" Naruto's hope just went down the toilet.

"Huh? No, I mean, yes, just go!" She whispered, "put these on and go out the window, now, before they send a search party in here!" she ushered Naruto to get dressed, pulling out his clothes for him 'cause he was taking so damn long.

Naruto smiled at her, really appreciating her kindness. "You know, you're a really cool person Hinata," Naruto smiled, grinning now, "anyone would kill to have you."

Hinata blushed, shaking her head a bit, "Just go now, hurry." She smiled back, quickly leaving the room, probably creating a quick diversion for him.

Naruto reminded himself to thank Hinata later, before he placed himself on the windowsill and jumped down to solid ground.


"Sasuke is, by far, the worst stable drunk ever," Kiba sighed, rolling his eyes so hard they went back in his head.

"Hey, not everyone can tolerate alcohol as well as others Kiba," Neji added, "Because you do remember your sisters 21st birthday, right?"

Kiba groaned at the memory, his stomach feeling a bit queasy just at the thought of it. Indeed, he had gotten so drunk that night, at some point hitting on one of his dogs and begging Neji to scratch behind his ears 'cause they were "itchy witchy", as Kiba had complained.

Kiba had to restrain himself from punching his husband, sagging against him for support. Neji just laughed, man, he was a cruel one.

The night had gone sufficiently well, Sasuke getting out of little gruff mucho mood, and actually had a few drinks. Those few had turned into 5, then 7. Kakashi had been trying to get him to slow down all night, telling him it would be absolute hell tomorrow morning. Sasuke shook him off, grinning stupidly before heading back out on the dance floor.

Weird, Sasuke didn't dance.

"Well, is it ok if I call it a night?" Iruka asked, only having two beers all night. Such a wuss.

"Yeah, I think we will too, if that's ok Kakashi," Neji asked, standing up to stretch his back, rubbing his temples a bit. Man it was loud in this bar, Neji had had a headache from the moment he walked in. He really didn't like loud places.

"Sure guys, I'm not stopping you, and from the looks of it, neither is Sasuke," Kakashi chuckled, glancing over at the bouncing raven. Weird. It was too weird.

"Thanks, we'll see you tomorrow then, bye," Iruka smiled, exiting the bar, Neji and Kiba following suite, giving him a small wave of their hands.

Man, I should probably stay here, make sure he gets home ok... Kakashi thought.

A rather tall, dark haired woman walked over to him, Kakashi glanced up, thinking she was a waitress, but instead she asked:

"Is this seat taken?" she smiled at him, giving him a show of dimples, her fringe falling over one eye as she leaned to the side a bit, obviously nervous.

Kakashi realised she was rather beautiful, giving a quick once over about his situation, glancing over at Sasuke again, then turning back to her was a shake of his head; "No, uh, no-no ones sitting there," he stammered, laughing nervously, but he didn't really want to believe it. "That is, my friend over there, but I don't think he'll be retreating any time soon,"

"Ah, yes, the dancer," she giggled, "my friend really likes him, Mia, and she kind of wanted me to come over and ask you if he was available," she finished, staring at Kakashi's eye.

"Oh, Sasuke, yes, I'm sorry for your friend, but he's getting married in a month," Kakashi smiled, still not really believing it, "this is his bachelor party, I guess,"

"Okay, right, that's wonderful, he seems young, I hope he's ready," her eyes went huge, shaking her head quickly, "I mean, I'm sorry, I don't really know him, I'm sure he's ready," she laughed quietly, shifting on the chair a bit.

This woman is really beautiful, Kakashi thought again. "No, it's okay, I'm still adjusting to it," Kakashi insisted, scratching his temple. "I've sort of been like a father figure to him, I suppose, but I know he loves Naruto a lot, and I'm just very glad he's happy."

"Naruto?" she paused, then looked shocked. "Oh, my god, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have come over here without thinking about that, not that I mind, it's just-" she was getting up now, "I really should tell my sister now, I think she might be beginning to pounce on him soon,"

Kakashi acted fast. "No, please, it's ok," he pleaded, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Sasuke would never act on it, he's never liked girls, I know why now," Kakashi laughed, giving her a reassuring nod.

"Right, you're right, I'm really sorry," she said again, sitting back down. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Kakashi was really starting to like her. She was sweet, funny, and beautiful if that. There was one thing though that he still wanted to know.

"Yes," he was calmer now. "What's your name?"

She looked a little surprised, but laughed. "Oh my goodness, I didn't even tell you," she giggled, showing her dimples again. "Lilly. My name's Lilly."

Kakashi grinned, extending his hand. "Lilly." He smiled, "I'm Kakashi,"


Naruto was happy, now of course. He was still confused, and annoyed that on any level Sakura thought he would enjoy his 'bachelorette' party. He didn't plan on telling Sasuke this; he would surely hold it against him forever. And they really did have forever.

He had mixed feelings growing in his stomach; fear, anxiety, happiness, the thought of spending the rest of his life with the person he loved most in the world. Yeah, he thought he would stick with the latter.

He had slightly heard, on some level hoping his current event would have occurred later tonight, that Sasuke and his 'party dudes' where going to a club for a few beers.

He couldn't really think of any clubs, he assumed bars, in town. When he looked up, he noticed some familiar faces and walked over to them, anger clearly in his eyes.

"Naruto, hey, N-" Kiba yelled, eyes growing wide, "h-hey, Naruto, how was your party?" he started to hide behind Neji, dwindling.

Naruto just rolled his eyes, giving up completely. "Never mind Kiba, if you still wanna remain my number one best friend, you better give me one hell of a wedding present," Naruto turned to Neji, "that goes for you too."

Neji just looked at Naruto, than glanced behind him at his husband. "Yeah, seems fair," he shrugged.

Naruto half grinned, his eyes giving them a hard and reliable look of their agreement being the correct answer. He asked them where they had come from, Neji pointing to the west, telling Naruto to hurry up before Sasuke started talking about their sex life and starting up poker games and singing "Hello" by Lionel Richie in his deep, drunken voice.

Naruto was about to laugh about the singing, then caught on with the first warning a quickened his pace.


"So then the peacock says, 'Hey, that's my toffee'," Lilly was laughing, Kakashi along with her.

They had begun drinking an hour ago, and Kakashi had brought up the idea of telling some jokes, 'cause he always felt happier after hearing a really stupid joke with a cool glass of beer in his hand.

He hadn't even remembered the beginning of her joke, so he just started laughing before she even got to the punch line.

He snickered, still sipping his beer slowly, "Hey, what do you call a blue whale?"


"No, a depressed whale!" He finished, not listening to her answer.

"No way, I thought it would've been Kevin Smith, you know, with his donkey and deck of well stacked cards sitting lonely on a table in the middle of the desert surrounded by twelve hungry meerkats!" she laughed so hard she fell of her chair, face going red.

"Wow, you okay?" Kakashi bent over to help her up, but just ended up on the floor also, a loud 'son of a-' passing through his lips, before he burst out laughing.

Naruto walked in, wincing a bit at the intense volume of the place. He never really liked clubs, not really, would much rather just stay at home eating or something. Ha. Come to think of it, he was hungry. Looking around he managed to find Kakashi, raising his eyebrows at the extra person at his table. A girl.

"Hey Kakashi, how are you?" Naruto couldn't stop staring at the girl, well, woman, she was very pretty.

"Naru-Hey, it's Naruto everybody!" Kakashi shouted to no one, swinging an arm around his shoulder. "Kid, stay with us, have some beers with the grown-ups!~"  

"Hey, we need more beers Kakashi," the woman ordered, her long hair falling over her face when she looked down at their empty bottles.

"Beer, yes, and we also need some more alcohol," Kakashi informed her, grinning .

Naruto backed away, putting on a nervous smile. He didn't tolerate drunks well. Amusing, yes. Annoying, yes. "You guys go ahead, I'm gonna go get Sasuke, okay?" and he sprinted away before the other two started to talk about bionic penguins that were now working for Santa, apparently.

He didn't even bother to ask floppy and flippy before he left their table about where Sasuke was, it could remind them about 2012 or they might start singing Christmas songs, so he just looked for black hair, sitting down somewhere, not with those two.

Funny, he couldn't find him. Maybe he'd gone home. Maybe he'd gone home to see Naruto, to kick out all those annoying girls; maybe he'd even started cooking dinner for him. He smiled.   

Damnit, Sasuke, where the fuck are you? He was getting impatient, huffing out an annoyed breath.

And once again, he really wished he hadn't walked into this bar.

The sight, of all things, was definitely his number one nightmare. At times like these he just wished he could crawl up into a ball and disappear. That he could just, with a click of his finger, make him forget everything. Sometimes he wished he never knew Sasuke.

But right there, was that woman. The woman he had caught locking lips with Sasuke in their apartment, on their couch. And once again, she had her lips on his, Sasuke being more than responsive, pushing her deeper into the corner of the room, hands on her hips.

Naruto wanted to just fucking die.

It was moments like these he wondered if some show host dressed in over the top clothes and bright white teeth would just appear out of nowhere and yell 'Gotcha, you've been hoaxed!' But it never does, because this is real.

So instead Naruto did what any normal person would do, you break up.

He didn't know for the life of him how to approach a situation like this. Do you yell, throw a tantrum, stalk over and pour cold liquid down the cheaters top, yelling 'You're dumped, ass-shat.' He couldn't believe this thought was going through consideration, but do you go over and ask 'what's going on?' when you clearly know for the life of you.

And he hates himself for thinking this, but he's glad when Sasuke looks up, eyes going wide, and he likes that he doesn't have to start the fight, Sasuke will save him the trouble.

Sasukes eyes are dark, cheeks flush from the dancing, drinking, kissing? He really couldn't give a fuck about this shit anymore.

"Hey Sasuke, am I interrupting something?"

Naruto can physically see Sasuke shaking, his body going limp, hands slipping out from the woman's shirt. Naruto thinks, hates himself for the fact that after everything, he still loves the raven.

"Na... Naru-" he turns to the woman, name completely forgotten. "Fuck, I'm so drunk," he finishes stupidly, hoping Naruto would understand. He didn't, however, blame Naruto for his next move.

"You fucking bastard," he spat, throwing a punch to Sasukes face.

Sasuke tumbled back a foot, check throbbing. He wanted to talk, mouth completely ignoring his brain, he wanted to explain his actions, how much he screwed up, how fucking drunk he was. But it was hard when you were being hit at.

"Naruto, please, please let me explain," Sasuke begged, apprehensive.

"You want to explain? Okay. Go ahead," Naruto felt empty, on some level not wanting to hear Sasuke ramble on about how he was cheating on him, but wanting another excuse to hit him.

"I... I, okay, um, Naruto I just-"

"Times up." Another punch. Naruto felt like a pansy for doing this, but he stormed out.

Sasuke obviously following, telling the woman to stay behind, and he started to run when Naruto did. Words couldn't describe how sick he felt. He was so surprised Naruto didn't do more, he fucking deserved it. Finally catching up to him, he grabbed Naruto's wrist and spun him around, not at all surprised that another hit was laid on him.

"You-you son of a-" Naruto screeched, fingers clenching around Sasuke collar.

Naruto looked at Sasuke, and he was crying. Naruto couldn't help it; he couldn't hold it in any longer, so he cried too. He fell to the ground, Sasuke with him, foreheads resting together and they cried.

Sasuke pulled Naruto to him, arms wrapping around his back, tears spilling down his cheeks, falling onto Naruto's t-shirt. Naruto went with it, for a second at least, before shoving Sasuke back, hard.

"What're you- no! No, I can't, why, why the hell did you do this to me? Why did you have to make me fall in love with you all over again then make me feel like a fucking idiot?!"

Sasuke broke. He didn't think it was possible. This couldn't be happening. He felt it, the break up, the one thing in his life he never wanted to happen. It was worse than getting shot.

"I... I'm sorry," he whispered, wanting to kill himself for not coming up with something better. An explanation, a reason, why hadn't he said he'd regretted it the moment it happened. "It, it'll never happen again,"

"It'll never happen again? Am I supposed to believe that after the first time?" His voice was rising.

"First time?" Sasuke questioned, trying to keep calm.

"Yes, that woman, the one I caught you with on our couch."  Naruto's hands clenched, teeth bared.

Sasukes blood ran cold.

Why, of all people to make out with in his drunken assert, it had to be Narutos dream woman? Of all the people, in all the clubs, in all the world. Oh, fuck.

"Naruto, I didn't know that was her, look, I don't even know that woman, not even her name. I don't even remember how that-" he pointed to the club, "happened, you gotta believe that. You are the most important person to me, I'm so fuckin' in love with you, I would never, never in my life, intentionally hurt you," he chocked, tears still spilling, hands gripping at Naruto's shoulders.

There was a moment, Naruto breathed out, whispered, "Then how come you did?"

And he left.


Naruto left Konoha.

He didn't take any belongings, just the fucking clothes on his back. He ran, the moment Sasuke had said those words, his response coming out, he had ran.

It might've been, hours, days, weeks, he didn't keep track, but he ran until he reached his destination. He so badly wanted to turn back, find Sasuke, let Sasuke win him back. But he couldn't. Sasuke was a whole different person to him now. It was over.

He knocked on the door, fingers twitching at his sides.

The door opened, a young man staring at him, small surprise in his features.

"Naruto?" Gaara acknowledged, door opening wider.

Naruto just stood, before he fell to the ground sobbing, Gaara kneeling beside him.  

TBC! Longest chapter of this series so far... and yet somehow still not very long~ xD
Yes, you may all kill me now.

New record for lateness of one of my chapters. So yeah, I know i promised it 3 weeks ago, but please believe me when I say I had a lot of shit to do at school.

And a week ago my dad had to go to hospital, so I kind of forgot about it for a while. I am really sorry guys, please please please forgive me??

I do feel very bad for making you guys wait forever, and I'm just giving you a heads up that this series probably won't be finished until time stops ticking.. xD

Anyway, no more promises, but I hope I can get the next one up in two weeks, just for you guys!~ :heart:

Characters (c) M. Kishimoto, story (c) mwah.

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lol, yeah, it's a pretty bad sickness i have~

but don't worry, the next chapter will have a happy ending!! :D (or won't it?!) xD
odieluvnikki Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010  Student Digital Artist
You got cliff hanger disease, didn't you?
neji3 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Student General Artist
i most certainly did~ :heart:

... hmm, probably not something to be happy 'bout, huh? xD
well, for you guys anyway~ ^^
MaryStrawberries Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
GWAH!!! So... is this gonna be, like, a fecking pattern? Can I have my happy ending? Please? THIS NEEDS TO END. I am getting tired of starting a SINGLE CHAPTER all la-dee-da rainbows and unicorns, and then -BAM- everything's fucked up again. GAWD can they just GET IT TOGETHER SO I CAN STOP FREAKING OUT OVER IT DAMN TOO LATE- :iconbangkillplz:
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